Christmas 2021 Animated Snowflake

This Christmas I made an animated Snowflake using a string of 50 WS2811 pixel LEDs

Christmas 2021 Animated Snowflake

This 3D-printed Snowflake consists of six sections superglued together. The original design for 60 LEDs was created by Akentut That was remixed by by Whyintheworld for a string of 50 LEDs. The numbers correspond with the order of inserting the LEDs into the holes.

I made a single sided PCB for it (which is the same as one I made for my 100 LED string). The controller and power supply is housed in an old metal printer switch box.

I used a 5 volt, 5 Amp (25W) power supply unit. This is a metal enclosure type which requires earthing and has exposed mains connections. A fully insulated power brick type could be used instead. The photo also shows my optional timer module (which is not available) plugged-into the pcb.

Christmas Snowflake 2021 PCB

Here is the hex file.

Christmas Snowflake 2021 HEX file

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