Built any of my kits or projects? Why not send photos of your finished item to be featured here!

Dyadnix clocks by Will

Will made a new IN-18 tube clock using the Dyadnix chip.

Miners Lamp and Steampunk Telephone Nixie Clock

Jan has made two great clocks using the Dyadnix and 6-Tube chips.

Heatsink Nixie and Panaplex Clock

Another unique clock created by Jan using my 6-tube Chip.

A Measure of Time

Jan created “A Measure of Time” using my Six tube clock chip.

Two Dyadnix cases by Kevin

Kevin has modified a clock to use Z5660 tubes and added illuminated pushbuttons.

Various Dyadnix Photos

A collection of “Dyadnix” Nixie Kit photos sent-in by customers.

Guenter Acrylic case

Guenter from Germany has created Acrylic cases for several Nixie clock projects. He used a CNC milling machine to accurately cut the plates to make this case for the Dyadnix nixie clock/thermometer. He also creates very high quality Tube Amp cases using various materials,including copper and granite! You can find more info and photos (in German and English) at:http://www.grother.de/

Dyadnix mod by David

David from the UK has modified a Dyadnix kit using CD66 Nixie tubes.

Quinhora mod by Gary

Gary from the UK has modified a Quinhora using some very bright White LEDs.

Avo Meter clock by Simon

Avo Meter Clock by Simon from Australia (Submitted September 2009)

Quinhora case by Rob

Quinhora clock case by Rob from Australia (Submitted June 2010)

Quinhora case by Daniel

Daniel’s Quinhora clock case

Quinhora case design from James

James from the UK has drawn-up this Quinhora case design in “Google Sketchup”. He says it is based on the one made by Casimiro (see gallery) except the leds will not be countersunk. Some hexagonal, tapped spaces will be used together with 40mm long bolts to secure it.

Quinhora made by Casimiro

Casimiro from Spain has created this excellent case for his Quinhora clock. (Submitted February 2009)

Nixie Clock made by JB

These photos of a very high quality hardwood cased clock incorporating a GPS module were sent in by JB from Vancouver, WA USA.(Submitted May 2007)

6 Tube Nixie Clock

My First Nixie clock in a stainless Steel case.