Jodrell Bank Cossor 1035 Oscillograph?

Cossor 1035 Oscillograph
My Cossor 1035 Oscillograph

This is my Cossor 1035 Oscillograph (Oscilloscope).

It is massive and very heavy dual trace scope made in the 1950s.

I bought it many years ago, sold as seen from a local surplus equipment store.

The salesman back then told me it originally came from Jodrell Bank Telescope!

It worked well for many years until I got a more modern, smaller transistorised scope from a radio rally.

Since then it has resided at the back of my garage, gathering dust.

Yesterday I retrieved it while tidying-up the garage and brushed-off some of the dust ready to eventually put it on ebay.

The graticule cover has the name “Jennison” inscribed on it – so I typed “Jennison Jodrell Bank” into Google and straight away it showed results for:

Sir Roger Clifton Jennison (18 December 1922 – 29 December 2006) who worked as a radio astronomer at Jodrell Bank from the early 1950s.

It looks like it could be true – I just need to find a photo of him actually using it?

After a bit of googling I found a PDF article published by Ralph Spencer, Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics University of Manchester, June 2017

Entitled “An Old Fogey’s History of Radio Jets up to ~1975

Page 6 has a photo of Roger Jennison and Mrinal Das Gupta working on equipment for the experimental radio telescope in 1952

In the background (top left) of the photo is a Cossor 1035 Oscillograph!