“AsmTidy” – A utility to tidy Microchip PIC ASM code


I created AsmTidy in an attempt to make it easier to tidy up the general text layout of ASM Assembly code written for Microchip PIC micro controllers.


  • Arranges text neatly in columns, converts spaces to tabs (8 spaces per tab).
  • Easily changes the text case for Labels, Instructions, Registers and Comments
  • Able to add or remove colons to Labels
  • End of line comments can be automatically removed.
  • Blank lines can be removed
  • Option to add/remove a space in front of comments
  • Can convert PIC TASM type assembly files to the MPASM standard
  • Very easy to use

(The source code for projects or kits is not available.)


As a precaution, please back-up your source files before using this software.

For it to work, your program must already compile properly. It can’t fix errors in your code!

Always test your “tidied” code by re-compiling it with MPLAB and fix any possible errors.

Things to do

Improve the user interface

Project Updates

v0.02 (12th April 2007) Fixed wrong case for some commands and added automatic conversion for PIC TASM format files to the MPASM standard.

v0.01 (4th March 2007) (first release)

Please check-back for updates.


If you try this software and have any comments or find bugs etc, I welcome your feedback via the form on the contact page.


AsmTidy is currently released as “Freeware” for PERSONAL, NON-COMMERCIAL use only. If you wish to use AsmTidy commercially, please email me to request the purchase of a commercial licence. Usage of the software covered by this licence is allowed free of charge, but its COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION IS PROHIBITED.