Animated Christmas LED Snowflake project

(Project added 20th November 2008)


The LED snowflake is about 38cm across and designed to be displayed indoors in a window.

This is is a follow-on from my Christmas Star project. This year I decided to only use white LEDs for a different effect.

It uses a smaller, inexpensive PIC18F1330 which is my current favourite general purpose microcontroller.


You will need a programmer compatible with the PIC18F1330 microcontroller such as the Microchip “PICkit 2” or other similar programmers.

I shall update the file version here as features are added/bugs fixed etc.

This firmware version displays about 30 different patterns. It can now also be switched on/off at set times if you connect it to the serial data output from my Christmas Star project.

If two or more Snowflakes are connected to a Star, they “should” randomly sync together (although I can’t test it yet as I have only built one Snowflake.)

Please check back here for firmware updates

Download “Snowflake.hex” snowflake_02.hex – Downloaded 572 times – 10 KB

The ASM source code for projects or kits is not available.

Detailed instructions, templates diagrams etc. are all in the manual below:

Download “Snowflake build instructions” snowflake.pdf – Downloaded 1268 times – 421 KB

Project Updates

v0.2 (1st December 2008) (Added more patterns and the serial link to allow on/off control by a Star )

v0.1 (20th November 2008) (first release)

To Do List

Add more patterns.