Shuffle MP3 Player Project Part 2. (XY-V17B version)

This project is my second attempt at making a simple MP3 player that could shuffle tunes instead of just using a “random play” function.

This means that regardless of how many tunes are on the SDCard (up to 64K), they are shuffled to make sure the same tune is not repeated.

This time I am using an XY-V17B MP3 module instead of the previous BY8001 version.

Also the PAM8910 amplifier now has some added filtering and smoothing components in an attempt to improve sound quality.

XY-V17B Underside
XY-V17B Underside

The XY-V17B module is much simpler than the BY8001-16P. It just has one (unmarked) chip. There is no on-board amplifier.

A datasheet can be found at

I modified my previous project schematic and code to work with this new module.

XY-V17B version
XY-V17B version

Click the image to view full size or download the PDF file below.

Shuffle MP3 player (XY-V17B version) Schematic

The other main change was to change from stereo to a mono player.

Transistor Q1 now puts the amplifier into standby mode in between tunes and while stopped. This reduces hiss and noise.

Ferrite bead Inductors L1 and L2 together with capacitors C11 and C12 suppress digital noise from the class D amplifier.

XY-V17B Board Layout
XY-V17B Board Layout

The PCB is double sided. PDF files for both layers are below.

Shuffle MP3 Player XY-V17B PCB Front
Shuffle MP3 Player XY-V17B PCB Back


Here is the HEX file for programming the PIC18F14K50 chip.

(I am not providing any technical support for this project or any firmware updates.)

Shuffle MP3 player (XY-V17B version) Hex file

Case and improvements

I had an old Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T box that was repurposed to house the player.

Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T case
Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T case

At this stage I decided to go back to having a stereo output and changed the amplifier module to two TPA3110 30W per channel modules.

These modules have some output filtering components.

Inside view showing TPA3110 amps
Inside view showing TPA3110 amps


This XY-V17B version player works as well as my previous BY8001 version.

There is still a small variable delay between playing tracks when a lot of files are present on the SDCard.

The TPA3110 30W amplifier modules sound better than the PAM8910. (And would have probably been even better if I had incorporated them into the PCB design).

For my next project I will try using another type of MP3 module together with a more powerful amplifier.

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